About The Author(s)

Jennifer ClareJennifer Clare

is a specialist smoking cessation hypnotherapist,
having helped many hundreds of people quit smoking in just one session. She also teaches her signature method to other practitioners.

Combining hypnosis, coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming,
compassion and humour she helps smokers discover who they are
without their vice, making it easy for them to stub out the habit.

Jennifer smoked for many years herself, until her fingers turned yellow and she coughed up grey phlegm, and she knows how smokers think. A decade ago she quit, effortlessly, and she’s worked since then to help others stub out the habit.

Her qualifications include:

  • • Trained and certified hypnotherapist
  • • Master Practitioner of NLP
  • • Hypnosis trainer
  • • Life Coach
  • • Best speller, Mrs. Downie’s 5th grade class

Maya's red shoesMaya Veronica Churchill Fitzwilliams

started smoking when she
was eleven years old on a dare from Bobby Shepton up the road. (It was either smoke or get a purple nurple.)

She coughed and spluttered and tried not to let him see her cry.

And then to prove how tough she really was, she became a full-time smoker by the age of 16.

(Bobby Shepton ended up serving three years for aggravated assault later on in his life, but that’s another story.)

She spent countless years and untold amounts of money trying to
figure out the best way to quit, with very limited success, until a
serendipitous series of events sent the right information her way.

She’s been a non-smoker ever since.

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