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Stub Out The Habit!

If you want to finally kick the habit, stub out the habit and quit smoking no matter what you’ve tried in the past, and gain back control of your life, and breathe freely, and smell better, and reduce stress, and be able to cope with life’s little ups and downs free of a cigarette…

And if you’d like to quit smoking easily, effortlessly and permanently, free from cravings, anxiety and weight gain –

Then this is the most important information you will ever read.
Because you’re about to learn exactly what you need to do to stop smoking. And you’ll be surprised at how easy it is!

Have You Tried To Quit Smoking In The Past And Failed?

GREAT! Statistically, that puts you even closer to being a non-smoker.

By the way, here’s a news flash – you didn’t fail because you are weak-willed or lack motivation or self-control.

You failed because you didn’t harness the amazing power of your mind.
Because smoking might feel like a physical habit, but in fact its hold on you is primarily through your thoughts.

Now you can learn the skills to retrain your brain so that old habit just doesn’t appeal anymore and it’s easy to live your life as a non-smoker.

Can’t wait to get started?

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If You’re Like Most Smokers, You Regularly Think About Quitting Cigarettes

  • You’re aware of how you smell to others
  • You notice the difference in your breathing
  • You’re often stressed out and anxious
  • You dislike being controlled by your desires
  • You feel out of integrity with yourself
  • You notice how non-smokers look at you
  • You wish you’d never started, and
  • You wish there were a simple, easy way out

Perhaps You’ve Tried – And Failed – Using These Methods:

  • Going cold turkey – maybe making it for a few days or weeks, or giving up by lunch time
  • Buying nicotine patches or gum, but still having cravings
  • Reading books but not knowing how to change your thinking
  • Spending money on group courses or trainings, and lighting up when you leave

Short of living on a deserted island far from civilisation, until now there hasn’t been a good alternative that would actually help you to quit!

cost of smoking

And That Habit Has Cost You So Much Already:



  • Wasting money on cigarettes, lighters, breath mints and gum
  • Looks of disappointment from your partner or your kids when you light up
  • Knowing you’re damaging your health more every day
  • Fearing what might happen in the future
  • Being a social pariah
  • Negative perceptions people have of you because you’re a smoker
  • Missing out on fun, because you’re outside feeding your habit

And more.

Well, the good news is that now you can take back control of your life. Start having fun again, without worrying whether you’ve got enough cigarettes, or what that cough might mean. Start feeling physically well once again, and free of the stress and anxiety that comes with smoking.

Now you can stop giving money to the tobacco companies. Now you can stop paying extra taxes. Now you can stop thinking badly of yourself. Now you can stop doing something you’d rather not – and START using a proven method to shift your thinking so that it’s natural, easy and effortless to be smoke-free.

There are no pills, no patches, and no noxious gum – because your brain doesn’t need chemical intervention. No need for cravings – because you no longer desire that cigarette. No need for anxiety or crankiness – because you’re doing what you really enjoy. No need for weight gain – because you’re tapping into what your body really needs and wants.

All you have to do is uncover the amazing power of your own mind to create shifts and changes to your thinking over time that make it impossible for you to go back to being a smoker. It just won’t occur to you!

I quit smoking with your help after being a packet-a-day
smoker for almost 20 years.

The wheeze I was worrying about has completely gone, my hair and clothes no longer smell of cigarettes and my skin has improved dramatically. I no longer have to hide my ‘nasty habit’ or feel embarrased about it – and I have extra money every month to spend on myself.

Quitting has given me such a confidence boost. And it was so easy!

The Stub Out The Habit program works – I find that amazing after trying to quit a number of times before.

I look at smokers now and it just seems like an odd thing to do.

Michelle Macdonald


cigarette fortHow Does It Work?

Quitting smoking used to be an all-or-nothing process – if you didn’t give it your all, you got nothing.

The great thing about the Stub Out The Habit process is that it’s gradual, so your mind has the opportunity to get used to the idea before YOU choose the time to become a non-smoker, once and for all.

YOU get clear about how your future will look as a non-smoker. YOU take easy, step-by-step actions that make it easier and easier to change your thinking for the better.

Most importantly, YOU do all of this while reading about a fellow smoker, travelling through her trials and tribulations as she tries various methods to quit. Most importantly, you’ll follow along as she transforms herself into a non-smoker using the same methods that will help YOU be successful, too!

the last cigarette

No Chemicals, Mess, Stress Or Fuss!

And no smoke and mirrors, either. Stub Out The Habit is based on the same successful system I’ve honed after years of clinical work with individual clients, helping them become non-smokers in just one session with me.

(They were paying $500 each for this privilege. YOU get the benefit of my expertise and years of experience at a fraction of that cost!)

By the way – this process includes techniques I’ve taught other hypnotherapists to use with their clients.

The pharmaceutical companies would have you believe that your problem is just a lack of nicotine, and that if you slap on a patch or chew the right dose of gum, it will be easy to wean yourself off those cigarettes.

What they fail to take into account is that cigarettes get in the way of quitting! The meals you eat, the coffees you drink, the nights on the town with your friends. The days when nothing goes according to plan…all of them used to have cigarettes in them.

Smokers have learned to cope with every part of their lives – as smokers. Substituting some chemicals can’t possibly do anything to shift the way you think, so that you can get on with your life FREE of that old habit.

coffee and a cigaretteSmokers Connect Every Aspect Of Their Lives With Cigarettes:

  • Having a coffee = smoking
  • After eating a meal= smoking
  • Waking up in the morning= smoking
  • Driving = smoking
  • Talking on the phone = smoking
  • Drinking with friends= smoking
  • Calming down= smoking
  • Waiting for an appointment = smoking
  • And the list goes on and on

Every one of those connections in your mind has deepened and strengthened the habit of being a smoker.

Once you’ve made all those connections, there’s only one way to permanently become a non-smoker – to think completely differently, and in such a way that it permanently shifts your behaviour. Without your having to think about it all the time!

You may have believed that making changes to the way you think takes weeks, or even months, of repetition and practice. But in truth, your mind can make positive, permanent changes to the way you think in less time than it takes to snap your fingers!

It’s just not true that quitting smoking has to be a long, drawn-out and difficult process. Your mind is so powerful that it can make changes in an instant.
And you ALREADY have all the tools that you need!

I feel fantastic.

I’m happier, healthier and have more energy than I’ve had in years.

Thank you!

Deborah Ritchie

Jennifer ClareWho Am I To Tell You What To Do?!

First and foremost, I’m an ex-smoker.

  • I used to smoke a pack a day, at least. More if I was drinking.
  • I had the yellow fingers and teeth, the grey skin tone, the nasty breath.
  • I tried virtually every way of quitting, and failed at most of them. (By the way, I’ve been a non-smoker for over a decade now. And it’s great!)
  • I made a million excuses and justifications to myself. So I know the mind of a smoker from the inside out.

Secondly, I’m an expert at what I do. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on trainings, courses, intensives and workshops. I have an entire bookcase filled with books – which I’ve read – about hypnosis, smoking cessation and Neuro-Linguistic programming.

Thirdly, I helped hundreds and hundreds of people become successful non-smokers through my clinic in Melbourne, Australia. Many of them referred their friends, co-workers and relatives on to me after succeeding themselves.

Fourthly, I’m passionate about one person in particular – YOU. I believe in your capacity to quit smoking and to take back your life. And I believe that my years of experience have taught me the precise process that is guaranteed to make you successful.

I’ve put together everything I know about how the mind works, how it can change in an instant, ways to shift old thinking patterns, and more, into a simple, step-by-step process that virtually anyone can duplicate. YOU can do it! More importantly, when you do the process, you’ll change. You’ll grow.  And when your mind becomes completely ready for the idea, it’s easy to Stub Out The Habit.

Because, let’s face it – there’s a sneaky part of your mind that is already coming up with reasons this won’t work for you. Giving you excuses to walk away. Justifying your habit. And that is precisely the part of your mind that we need to get on board!

Once you’ve explored all your reasons and excuses and justifications, they won’t look so big and important any more. And that sneaky part of your mind starts to understand that it’s limiting your life by holding on to them.

cigarette dynamiteEfforlessly Stub Out The Habit Quicker Than You Ever Thought Possible!

The secret?


Yes, laughter!

Whenever you laugh, you make positive, happy associations in your mind.

And those positive, happy associations can grow and develop.

So when you laugh, you’re more likely to:

  • Learn quicker
  • Retain more information
  • Be motivated to change
  • Make new connections
  • Even become smarter!

When I first set out to write  Stub Out The Habit I wanted it to be fun. Thought-provoking, yes. Life-changing, definitely. But also humorous and easy.

I want YOU to be successful.

I just wanted to touch base and say hi. Today I am one year without a cigarette. I am a non-smoker. And it was easy! I am going to the gym 3-4 times a week and am getting married soon. Thank you for everything.

Mary-Jane Cassidy

hypnosis watchOther Hypnotherapists Don’t Like Me

I used to charge $500 per session to help people Stub Out The Habit. One hour, in and out, and they’d be non-smokers.

Because we tapped into the power of their own minds to make the change.

Some of my colleagues didn’t like that, and they’d call me up to complain. They didn’t like how I was empowering people to change their own minds – to get out of their own way long enough to quit smoking. They wanted clients to come to them week after week, session after session. They didn’t want people to believe in themselves and their own powerful inner minds!

And then I made it even worse. I taught other people how to be successful hypnotherapists!

Now I was really making my colleagues angry – I was teaching people everything I knew. I was creating serious competition, because my methods worked!

But do you know what? I don’t care.

I’d rather have a few people annoyed at me – but make a difference to thousands of others.

shaking handsI Want To Help People Just Like You – Yes, YOU – Stub Out The Habit, Once And For All!

Call me airy-fairy, call me an idealist, but I’d like to see a world where:

  • People breathe easily
  • Parents live long enough to see their children grow up
  • Streets and waterways are free of cigarette butts
  • Cigarette companies struggle to make ends meet
  • Young people learn to cope with life effectively
  • Anyone can sit outside a cafe and enjoy the fresh air

Wouldn’t you?

Contrary to the popular idea that to quit smoking you need expert guidance from pharmaceutical companies or doctors or other experts, I believe that every smoker has an inner non-smoker just waiting to come out.

And most people aren’t going to release their inner non-smoker by being scared by graphic pictures, or by being told they have to use an expensive substitute for months, or by reading frankly boring books on the subject.

Government agencies, doctors and pharmacists have told us for years that nicotine replacement therapy is the way to go. And for a small percentage of the population, it is.


And it doesn’t even work for most people!

(Admittedly, there are people who have used the patch or the gum who are now successful non-smokers. And there are people who have looked at the picture of a gangrenous mouth on a cigarette pack and decided once and for all to quit. But you and I both know that they are in the minority.)

I was going to wait till I crossed the 6 month line before I wrote to you but I couldn’t wait.

I am going really well with not smoking. Thank you!!

I had a few cravings in the first two months but I knew I didn’t really want to smoke again.

And the tools you gave me made it easy.

Barbara Turner

smoking gunWhat YOU Want

  • You want a rapid result
  • You want to wake up in the morning and get on with your day
  • You want to bounce of bed filled with energy
  • You want to be able to look at smokers and not be tempted in the least
  • You want it to be easy
  • You want to feel better immediately
  • You want to feel proud of yourself once again
  • You want it to be quick and painless
  • You want it to last forever

Most of all, you want it to work for you.

You want your thinking and behaviour to shift naturally to the way that non-smokers think and behave. But right now, on your own, you don’t know how – after all, you’re still a smoker!

That’s where Stub Out The Habit comes in.

Stub Out The Habit is a book. And a system. It’s a step-by-step guide that leads you from one process to the next, effortlessly, so that when you’re done, your mind has changed and it’s a simple thing to stub out your last cigarette and walk away – forever.

What differentiates Stub Out The Habit from anything else on the market is that it’s fun. The book is written from the viewpoint of a hopeless smoker, following her ups and downs, ins and outs, as she learns how to quit.

  • There’s graffiti, and fortune cookies
  • There are magazine articles and weird news items
  • There’s a love interest, a best friend and a slave-driving boss

You’ll get caught up in Maya’s story and you’ll see…yourself. You’ll recognise your ways of thinking, your excuses, and your habits.

And just as she works through the system and is able to Stub Out The Habit – so will you.

There is a sense of freedom that comes with quitting, and it’s wonderful.
I don’t know why I waited so long to feel this good!

Janice Powell


Gift for youI Want To Give You A Great Big Gift


When I was a smoker, I had no idea what I was missing out on.

Smokers are really at a disadvantage in life.

All that changed for me ten years ago when I stubbed out the habit for good.

You are missing out!

When you join the ranks of successful non-smokers, you’ll gain more than clean breath.

What you’ll gain – and this is what I want for you more than anything – is FREEDOM.

  • Freedom from worrying about your breath
  • (Or the smell of your hair, your clothes, your house or your car)
  • Freedom from worrying about your health
  • Freedom from wrinkles and lacklustre skin
  • Freedom from that look that non-smokers give you when you light up
  • Freedom from constantly worrying if you’ll run out of smokes
  • Freedom from wheezing and coughing
  • Freedom from everything tasting like ash

And I wanted to give you even more – the deep inner gifts that you get from tackling a big problem yourself, and making it a non-issue:

  • Belief in yourself
  • Pride in your accomplishment
  • Motivation
  • Integrity
  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • The knowledge that anything you put your mind to, you can do

I wanted you to have all the great gifts my clients have gained over the years.

stub out the habit bookI Wrote The Book To Reach People Just Like YOU.

The book that turns the smoking issue on its ear. The book that will change the way you think, and think about yourself, forever – and in a good way.

The book that uses all the techniques I’ve taught my clients for years – techniques that helped them find themselves again, once they blew the smoke away.

I have come this far so I am definitely not going to start again now.

Here’s to being a happy non-smoker forever!

Samantha Hanson


cut out the habitWhat’s It All About?

The Stub Out The Habit system has everything you need to be completely successful at becoming a non-smoker.

You’ll be guided through a series of exercises that will forever change the way you think about smoking.

And there’s lots of practical information in other areas as well – because smoking has impacted on the whole of your life.

So there are breathing exercises to help you combat stress and anxiety. There are guidelines for helping you through any potential pitfalls or problems, from drinking with friends to having a bad day at work.

There are some games to play – and even an opportunity to ‘practice’ being a non-smoker without having to make the full commitment – unless and until you’re absolutely ready!

(And believe me, by the time you’ve been through all the exercises, you’ll be chomping at the bit to quit!)

I’ll make it as easy as possible.

I’ll share with you everything that I’ve learned about the most interesting subject in the world, to you – your own mind

I’ll also give you all the tools you need to be completely successful:

  • Worksheets to print out, so you can work through each exercise as you read about it
  • Factual Information about what’s in those cigarettes
  • The History of Smoking, and how you’ve been manipulated
  • A stress-release self-hypnosis MP3 that you can listen to whenever you like

I’ll give you every opportunity to Stub Out The Habit, once and for all.

Best money I ever spent.
Walked away a non-smoker and have never looked back.

Elizabeth Pratt

joyous woman with flowersHow Much Is The Rest Of Your Life Worth To You?

By now you’re probably curious about the cost of the Stub Out The Habit system.

My husband the accountant tells me that, given the hundreds of successes I’ve already had with this method – not to mention the hours I’ve spent cooped up in my study away from him – I should sell this book for upwards of $129. (That’s still a fraction of my $500 in-person fee!)

He says smokers can afford it. After all, they always manage to find money for smokes.

And I agree.

But I’m not going to do it. I’m not going to sell it for anything near that price.

You know why?

‘Cos I’m a softie!

If you’re reading this letter, you’ve probably already spent that much – and more – on methods that haven’t worked for you. And if you’ve been smoking for more than a month, you’ve already spent at least that much on your habit.

I want something big for you. I want you to be so happy and confident in your own ability to free yourself from smoking that you actually do what it says on the cover – You Stub Out The Habit.

cigarette in knotsI Want You To Be A Success!

And I know from my clinical practice that if you’re successful, you’ll tell your friends about this book, your family, even random strangers on the street. Because you know that deep down, almost every smoker wants to quit.

Remember, when I had my clinical practice I charged $500 for one session. And ten times that amount for my intensive training for other practitioners. So I’m sure you’ll be happy and relieved when I tell you that I’m practically giving this book away – for just US$16.95. Or you can download it as an ebook to your computer, tablet or e-reader for just US$6.95.

I wanted to price this so low it would be a no-brainer for you – so there would be nothing sitting between you and your success.

Yes, I want to buy it now!

cigarette overloadStill Sitting On The Fence?

This is the point in traditional sales letters where I offer you an outrageous guarantee – something that makes it a no-brainer to go ahead and buy the book.

But there’s a problem with that for smokers.

A money-back guarantee is no good – because at the first sign of effort, some smokers just give up and want someone to pay for their decision to start smoking again.

In my clinical practice I started out offering a year-and-a-half-long time guarantee to people who came to quit smoking. I thought that with such a big offer, it would be easier to people to part with their $500. It worked – up to a point.

Because something weird started to happen. Completely successful smokers who had quit for weeks, months – even years, started creeping back. They’d done really well until an event – a wedding, a New Year’s Eve party, a day at the races – when they ‘allowed’ themselves to smoke – and the entire cycle started up again.

(Just for the record? Smokers smoke and non-smokers don’t smoke. It’s as easy as that. Non-smokers who have one here and there re-ignite their neurology to make them become smokers again. I’ll teach you techniques to make that thinking go away. Because smoking isn’t a ‘treat’!)

It had to do with that guarantee – in the back of their minds they knew that all they needed to do was come back to me and I’d take care of the problem once again for them.

The guarantee acted as a Get Out Of Jail Free card, letting them off the hook.

So I started to re-think the guarantee. Doctors and dentists don’t offer them. My chiropractor doesn’t give me money back if my neck acts up. Professionals don’t work that way – because they understand the responsibility belongs to the client or patient.

I removed the guarantee in my clinical practice – and my success rate went even higher. (And if people really needed to come see me because something happened in their lives that made them think that smoking might work for their emotional needs, I charged them a nominal fee for a top-up session.)

You certainly don’t want a loophole that could tease you back into your old habit.

Because of that, I want to buck the trend and not offer you a guarantee. For your OWN sake.

However, that’s not the way of the world. So I will stand by my work and offer a 100% guarantee.

But if you follow all the steps wholeheartedly? You won’t need it.

What you want – and what I’ll deliver – is a step-by-step plan that YOU’LL undertake to allow YOU to Stub Out The Habit.

Which is why I’m charging such a reasonable price for this. (I’ve read some awful self-help e-books that cost three times as much as this.)

And I stand firmly behind what I’ve written. It took three years of my life, tens of thousands of dollars of additional training, and countless clinical hours with clients to hone and polish it.

I genuinely want you to succeed.

Becuase THAT’S what you really want.

busting freeBut You Have To Act Now

There’s no point in continuing to think that you’re ‘gunna’ do something, someday.

Thinking that you’re ‘gunna’ quit one day will only leave you in poor health, months and years later.

I don’t want that for you.

I want you to go out and grab life with both hands and get the most out of it as a non-smoker!

So order today. Right now.

You have nothing to lose but a stinky, unwanted habit.

And so much to gain!

I’m genuinely excited for you – you’re on the brink of joining the long line of people who have been able to Stub Out The Habit.

Order The Stub Out The Habit Book Now

Kind regards,

Jennifer Clare

Jennifer Clare

Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of NLP, Writer, Trainer, Coach
And – most importantly – non-smoker.

stop sign


Let’s not beat around the bush. We all know that smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your health. Sixty per cent of smokers don’t live long enough to retire. So if you pass on this offer, and put off quitting for another day or week or month or year, what are you actually doing to yourself?

I know it’s scary to think about. And the thought of being without cigarettes might be scary, too!

You don’t need more scary things. What you need is information and a proven process to follow. Encouragement. Compassion. And all the techniques you need to be completely successful in your own time, to make – and keep – the decision to become a non-smoker. Easily, and effortlessly.

Look at a calendar. Think about life next month, what’s going on, what you’ll be doing. And now think about how great it would be if next month you were a non-smoker, getting on with your life, feeling better and fitter, breathing easier and having that peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve done something good for your body, for a change.

Get the book. Read it and laugh, and ponder, and explore. And notice how your thinking shifts and changes, making it easier for you to Stub Out The Habit once and for all. And remember, I’m here for you. Genuinely. I want to hear from you that you’ve overcome your habit and taken back your life.

I can’t do this for you. You’re the only one powerful enough to make the right decision now.

Stub Out The Habit, once and for all.

You’re worth it!

Order The Stub Out The Habit Book Now

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